Get your own mix custom Rug from the beloved Hand woven Rugs collection

you have the opportunity to create your very own custom, unique rug by selecting from the single rugs in our new collection:

Donkey, Wheat, Date and Palm

You choose, and we assemble.

Simply email your request to us and we'll collaborate with you to bring your dream rug to life!

Select the size of your rugs and the composition, and we'll expertly 'tile' them together, crafting a one-of-a-kind rug just for you.

The new rug collection is entirely handmade by weavers and artisans from the Guatemalan highlands of the Momostenango area. These artisans bring generations of craftsmanship and magic to their weaving and dyeing . All items are made from locally sourced sheep’s wool, which is almost exclusively dyed with natural dyes.This collection was made with Zyle Heirloom Guatemala.


Porcelain Altars by Tamar Mogendorff

Featuring new Porcelain pieces 'ALTARS' created during my stay at the Arita Creative residency in Japan. 

At the beginning of 2023, I spent three transformative months in Arita Town, Kyushu, Japan, participating in the Arita Creative Residency, a program dedicated to learning and experiencing the art of porcelain, for which Arita is renowned globally.

The experience was extraordinary, involving learning from masters, experimenting, and immersing in the rich culture of Japan and the beauty of the countryside.

The wall pieces (Or standing) were created from porcelain, a delicate and often translucent material,to create an intimate form of light, reflection and contemplation. The ‘cave shape’ found in altars and carvings from around the world—including trees, fruit and animal motifs—offer each one of us an intimate space through its personable scale and representation of the sacred or the still. 

Explore the Porcelain Altars

The making of the Wall mounted Swan / Filmed by Ngoc Minh Ngo