Thistle Brushes
Thistle Brushes

Thistle Brushes


These beautiful Thistle brushes are use for the felting of the wool blankets. They are made from dry Thistles that grow around the high lands of the Momostenango area in Guatemala.

  • Dry Thistle 
  • Given the nature of handmade goods, please note that the final measurements, design details and colors may vary slightly from the featured product images.



During a recent trip to Guatemala, Tamar met textile designer Sylvia Denburg of Zyle Heirloom, Guatemala. Tamar has always been inspired by Guatemalan craft, And together with Zyle Heirloom they worked together to realize Tamar’s vision. This is a first for Tamar’s Home Goods collection, including colorful and whimsical handmade woven rugs, big pom-pom poufs and hand woven blankets.

The collection pieces is entirely handmade by weavers and artisans from the Guatemalan highlands of the Momostenango area. These artisans bring generations of craftsmanship and magic to their weaving and dyeing . All items are made from locally sourced sheep’s wool, which is almost exclusively dyed with natural dyes.

The small creatures are all natural dyed and hand sewn by artisans from the Lake Atitlán, San Juan village.